# Goals

The main goal of the project would be to find the answer how to deal with identified problems: increase potential of agritourism services and agritourism in Moldova. General goal is to enhance the quality of life of rural inhabitants and creating new work places additionally to traditional agricultural production. Developed agritourism will create possibility to increase greatly investments in village and delay the process of leakage its inhabitants (especially, young). In long-term perspective it will improve quality of life of Moldavian villagers. Intensification of economical nonagricultural activity will make possible more dynamic economical development of rural areas which nowadays coping with tremendous social and economic problems (lack of work, massive migration for job searching, very weak development of municipal and communication infrastructure, low level of entrepreneurship, etc.).

To achieve main goal are defined several detailed objectives:

1. Support of Moldavian system of agro consulting services in the sphere of spreading nonagricultural entrepreneurship in rural ares and as well implementation of European samples solutions.

2. Development and realization pilot projects aimed at boosting agritourism as an instrument which really support Moldavian village's potential.

3. Activation of chosen Moldavian local communities in order to improve the level of life in the village through implementation local programs of agritourism development.

4. Agritourism promotion as an effective instrument of local communities activation and improving villagers' level of living.