Project realization will lead to the achievement of concrete and measurable results. Those include:

1. Training at least 18 beneficiaries: representatives of agro consulting institutions, and as well, perhaps, beginner entrepreneurs in the field of agritourism.

2. Moldavian ACSA's couches who will conduct trainings together with Polish partners will gain experience and skills that allow them in future independently to conduct such trainings for consultants of small and medium enterprises.

3. Development of 60 pages of study materials and 50 pages of publications which altogether with materials of study visit will became part of textbook „10 steps to start own agritourism business”.

4. Development by project participants of local pilot agritourism projects for 5 chosen regions.

5. Establishing direct contacts between Moldavian consultants and Polish centers of agricultural consulting, industry associations, model farms etc. – study visit to Poland.

6. Publication of 800 hard copies and 500 in electronic version textbook on planning, opening and management small or medium agritourism company in Moldova.