# Beneficiaries

The field of influence of this project is „Agriculture and rural areas development” and activity which will serve to the development of potential small and medium enterprises in the sphere of agritourism in rural areas. Final beneficiaries of the project will be those, who work on village's development – agricultural consultants united within nets of National Village Development Agency (ACSA – partner of the project). In the project may take part representatives of other institutions which support agriculture and enterprises that work for Moldavian rural areas development as well as businessman and farmers. Group will consist of 18 people. Non direct profit from taking part in project will get inhabitants of Moldavian villages. It's difficult to calculate the quantity of such kind of beneficiaries. In rural areas in Moldova live more than 2 million people. In long-term perspective sample solutions to support development small and medium agritourism enterprises in villages, proposed in the project, will help to improve greatly quality of life in Moldavian villages on the large areas. Choosing mentioned categories of beneficiaries guarantees multi-level impact of the project, beginning more broad institutional cooperation for main goal achievement and also transfer the questions of nonagricultural activity on rural areas to organizations and institutions that have for this purpose financial and legal possibilities. Similar model is used in most European countries, including Poland. Agricultural consultants and employees of institutions that support and develop enterprise on rural areas are important key group that work for Moldavian village development.

Agricultural consultants play key role in outlining changes for Moldavian village development. Through their daily work with farmers and businessman, who conduct activity on rural areas, serve with advice and help in planing of village development. In structure of ACSA work 425 consultants – advisors, who work on the territory of the whole country. Every year the net of advisers provides 250 thousand consulting services, organizes nearly 3500 workshops and discussions, 45 thousands field visits and gives more than 200 thousands individual consultations.

Project support will be available for group of 18 consultants. Taking part in project will help to improve knowledge and develop skills of Moldavian agro consultants in the field of village support, especially concerning initiating nonagricultural activity (agritourism). They will gain knowledge how to provide complex advice for those who interested in starting agritourism business and those who already running it. Consultants will gain knowledge concerning legal basis, essential documentation, business plan preparing, promotion, advertisement of agritourism.

Project's participants will get familiar with Polish and European experience and solutions that stimulate development of rural areas and diversification of nonagricultural activity, including agritourism.

Moldova has a big potential in agritourism, but for now it's not used. This field requires decisive progress. Thanks to the project participants will get familiar with practical possibilities of information transfer in that field to Moldova, discover business models (nonagricultural), that are not common in Moldova, find out about new ideas for nonagricultural sector development.

Obtained knowledge consultants will be able to use in their work in Moldova. Besides, taking part in work of professional agro consultants will make possible long-term multiplication of the project's results in future – developed solutions will be successfully implemented in life also when the project will be over and will be transmitted to other agro consultants.